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08 June 2021

G7 Build Back Better Together Report

The School of Global Affairs at King’s College London has curated a series of essays from academics on how we can build back better together.

Build Back Better Together

Ahead of the G7 Conference in Cornwall, in the face of a climate crisis that threatens our planet and a pandemic that has devastated the lives of millions around the globe, the collection of essays sets out a blueprint for a better world, centred on world-leading research and expertise from King's College London and its global partners.

Academics explore a range of topics relating to the G7 summit and building back better globally; from low carbon futures to reducing global poverty, a shift in approach towards mental healthcare, vaccine equity, leadership infrastructure and democracy, and inclusive innovation.

The series aims to galvanise policymakers, the public and researchers on the need for evidence-based action to address some of the most pressing global issues.

Professor Clare Herrick, Head of the School of Global Affairs, said:

We hope that as world leaders come together in the coming days, weeks and months, the ideas set out in this series and the research which will continue in Global Affairs can be mobilised to build a better world

Professor Clare Herrick, Head of the School of Global Affairs

The full report and individual essays are all available to read on the G7 Build Back Better Together webpage.