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02 February 2022

Inlaks-King's India Institute Studentship announced

Rouf Ahmad Dar, a PhD student at the University of Kashmir, has been awarded the 2022 Inlaks-King’s India Institute Studentship and is expected to visit London for the autumn term.

Rouf Ahmad Dar

The 2022 Inlaks-King’s India Institute Studentship, awarded to Rouf Ahmad Dar, offers the opportunity for scholars currently enrolled in PhD programmes at Indian universities to undertake a short-term visit to the King's India Institute in London.

As a researcher based in a conflict-zone, the studentship will expose Rouf Ahmad to the academic rigour at the King’s India Institute. The vast archival pool accessible in the UK and expertise available at the Institute also has the potential to shape his research and pave the way for further analysis of Kashmir’s constitutional studies.

Rouf hopes to experience advanced modes of supervisor-researcher collaboration, critical feedback from related communities and a liberal academic environment to advance his research.

His thesis is entitled ‘Constitutionalizing Rights: A Study of Constituent Assembly Debates in Jammu & Kashmir’.

Read more details on the Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation website