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07 June 2024

King's becomes first UK-based innovation exchange collaborator with Mayo Clinic

King’s College London has announced the signing of an agreement to become a member of the prestigious Mayo Clinic Innovation Exchange (MCIE) as their first UK-based collaborator.

LIHE Mayo visit

Initial collaborations will start with the exchange of best practices in healthcare technology education, research, and innovation. This will then facilitate the introduction of innovations from the participants to their respective healthcare market and ecosystems, speeding up the adoption of medical device innovation.

This effort was led by the School of Biomedical Engineering & Imaging Sciences (BMEIS), following a visit in person by the MCIE leadership team to BMEIS in December 2023.

With both institutions being very active in all aspects of healthcare, the partners are exploring the opportunities presented by this collaboration to innovative medical technologies to the bedsite at speed.

We are delighted to officially announce the collaboration between BMEIS and the Mayo Clinic’s Innovation Exchange programme, the first of its kind in the UK. With Mayo being the pre-eminent clinic globally, this collaboration is a testament to the efforts of BMEIS to develop our MedTech Hub, a beacon of medical device translation from bench to bedside to boardroom. As a civic institution, King’s is committed to improving the health of patients worldwide. We are looking forward to working with our collaborators to make this a reality, and for hosting them in the future at our flagship London Institute for Healthcare Engineering (LIHE).

Professor Sebastien Ourselin FREng FMedSci, Head of School, School of Biomedical Engineering & Imaging Sciences

The Mayo Clinic Innovation Exchange is committed to supporting healthcare innovations that improve patient care. There is global urgency to co-create novel solutions and deliver person-centred care to patients. By collaborating with King’s, and its robust innovation ecosystem and capabilities, we can powerfully and quickly support the brightest MedTech founders by augmenting King’s premiere assets and knowledge. We look forward to actively exploring exciting ways to mutually facilitate the translation of medical innovations. This collaboration opens the door to accelerated, impactful innovations for patients worldwide.

Jennie Kung, Vice-Chair of the MCIE
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