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07 March 2024

King's Business School students take on the role of the world's financial regulators in a first-of-its-kind debate

Student teams role-played as different financial bodies to discuss the role of central banks in the green transition

Members of Team X representing the International Monetary Fund, delivering their opening statement.

Student teams from King’s College London argued from the perspectives of key global financial institutions in a first-of-its kind debate. Organised by Professor David Aikman, Director of the Qatar Centre for Global Banking & Finance at King’s Business School, and Violeta Fernández Diéguez, Political Economy alumna, the ‘Great Debate’ was designed to test students’ skills and help them to join the dots between monetary policy and financing the green transition.

The event followed a ‘model UN’ format, with members of student societies representing the US Federal Reserve, the International Monetary Fund, the Bank of England, Private Equity and a Sovereign Wealth Fund.

A panel of expert judges from major financial institutions awarded three prizes; to a Winning Team, Runner-up Team and Best Individual Presenter. The audience voted on a fourth prize, awarded to an individual for their presenting skills.

The 'Great Debate' was designed to allow students to understand the different institutions’ perspectives and macroeconomic realities, as well as the complex relationships between the institutions represented and their collective impact on the economy.

Fantastic event with an impressive group of students and a lively debate on this important issue!

Theresa Löber- Head of Climate Project Team at Bank of England
Theresa Löber questioning the students on the main challenges the UK is facing in regard to the green transition.
Theresa Löber questioning the students on the main challenges the UK is facing in regard to the green transition.

Key topics addressed by the students and panel included the integration of climate considerations into monetary policy frameworks, the development of green finance initiatives, and the potential impact of central bank actions on mitigating climate-related risks to the economy.

Central banks, traditionally tasked with managing monetary policy and ensuring financial stability, are increasingly being called upon to address the challenges posed by climate change. They wield significant influence in shaping the trajectory of environmental sustainability and the debate helped contextualize pressing climate risks within the framework of students' academic degrees.

The judging panel included:

Private Equity team – Economics and Finance Society
Private Equity team – Economics and Finance Society

Being questioned by experts on the panel was challenging yet rewarding, as it pushed me to articulate my views coherently while also accurately defending my institution's position. Consequently, the experience allowed me to gain a firsthand understanding of the intricate relationship between political and financial actors, and their influence on shaping societal landscapes.

Arshia Mehra- awarded Audience Best Speaker

Team Representatives

International Monetary Fund (Overall Winner) – Team X

  • Salim Duman, Andrea Baschiera, Tasneem Ismail, Alisher Akhmadjonov

The Bank of England (Runner up team) – King’s Entrepreneurship Society

  • Dev Deepak, Soumil Goteti, Lucia Fogarin, Jacob Lapienis

The US Federal Reserve – King’s Business Club

  • Nishorgo Mostofa (Judge Best Speaker), Binamra Gurung, Advait Joshi, Arjun Raman

 Private Equity – Economics and Finance Society

  • Aadi Gupta - Nikita Nanu - Arshia Mehra (Audience Best Speaker) - Alexander Kozlov

Sovereign Wealth – BAME In Green Transition

  • Lile Zhang Zhuo - Keng Seng Wong - Daksh Upadhyay - Aiden Wong

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Director of the Qatar Centre for Global Banking & Finance

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Professor of Finance

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Senior Research Consultant, Climate Finance