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08 June 2021

King's Chemist wins Royal Society of Chemistry 2021 Norman Heatley Award

Dr Manuel Müller has received the award in recognition for his contributions to the field of posttranslational modifications, particularly in the use of protein chemistry to gain insight into the molecular mechanisms of epigenetics processes and cancer.

Dr Manuel Müller

Established in 2008, the Norman Heatley Award is granted for meritorious contributions made by an early career scientist working at the chemistry and life science interface. It is one of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s (RSC) Research and Innovation Prizes, which celebrates brilliant individuals across industry and academia.


At King’s, Manuel is a Wellcome Trust Sir Henry Dale Research Fellow in the Department of Chemistry. Elaborating on his research in synthetic protein chemistry, he explained:

Proteins are molecular machines that carry out many essential functions in life. Just like macroscopic machines, proteins are controlled by on/off switches, so-called posttranslational modifications. We are interested in elucidating how these molecular switches operate and how failures in switching behaviour leads to disease. To do so, we use chemistry to synthesise proteins carrying defined posttranslational modifications, allowing us to measure the properties of proteins in their on and off states. This strategy has allowed us to contribute to the molecular understanding of processes that prevent or cause cancer.

Dr Manuel Müller

Commenting on receipt of the award, Manuel said:

Receiving the RSC Norman Heatley Award is a great honour – I am greatly indebted to the RSC and my lab members, colleagues and mentors that I have had the pleasure to work with throughout my scientific journey.

Dr Manuel Müller

See the Royal Society of Chemistry’s prize portfolio to find out more about Manuel’s award-winning research.

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