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30 August 2022

King's Foundations achieves British Council reaccreditation

King’s Foundations continues to be a British Council accredited language centre, following a successful inspection earlier this year by Council’s Accreditation Team.

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The British Council published its full report of the outcomes of the inspection at King’s earlier this month. It found King’s Foundations met the five quality standards needed to keep its accredited status and exceeded standards in four of these. The standards are in management, resources and environment, teaching, welfare and (where applicable) care of under 18s.

In March 2022, a team of three inspectors spent time in King’s Foundations, which is part of the university’s School of Professional & Continuing Education. The inspection included 37 lesson observations on-campus, online and in hybrid formats, numerous meetings with department staff and from across the university, focus groups with students and staff, and tours of the facilities.

This is a brilliant outcome for King’s Foundations and the university, and I’m delighted for the team. The comments in the British Council report highlight the excellent work that clearly goes on across our department - from teaching and personal tutoring to student support and administration.

Sarah Shirley, Director King’s Foundations

The British Council Accreditation Scheme is a globally recognised assurance of quality for international students who are taking or are planning to take an English language course in the UK.

To gain and maintain British Council accreditation, member institutions are inspected by the British Council’s Accreditation Team on a four-yearly basis, including unannounced interim visits between inspections. The inspections assure that all accredited centres meet or exceed five agreed quality standards.

  • In their report, the British Council said the teaching and learning at King’s Foundations:

‘…evidenced very high levels of rapport, varied interactions and activities, and a real energy and engagement. Teachers clearly knew and valued their students, and in the best segments both teachers and students clearly enjoyed working together.’

  • About Welfare & Student Services, the report noted:

‘…students are well inducted in the use of all resources and spoke highly of this in the focus group…the linking of students’ well-being to educational success is a key feature of King’s Foundations’ mission.’

  • In management, the report found:

‘All aspects of student administration are carried out with care and attention to the needs of students’ and noted that staff are encouraged to develop professionally.

The report also concluded the on-campus environment is comfortable for study and relaxation and there are extensive resources available for staff and students.

The inspection also provided a small number of action points for King’s Foundations to take forward. Details of how these will be achieved are being submitted in an action plan to the British Council in the autumn.

Huge congratulations to everybody involved in achieving reaccreditation from the British Council. These inspections are thorough and require a lot of work from lots of people in King’s Foundations and many other areas of the university, both inside and outside the classroom. I’m delighted for my team, and the teams in SED and Residences, that their enthusiasm and commitment to maintaining these high standards for our students has been recognized in this way.

Nina McDermott, Executive Director, School of Professional & Continuing Education

British Council inspection reports are posted on the website after each Accreditation Scheme Advisory Committee (ASAC) meeting. You can find the report for King’s Foundations on the British Council website.

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