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12 March 2024

King's researchers enhance strategic collaboration with the Colombian Navy

At the International Civil-Military Relations Forum organised by the Naval Academy of Strategic Studies (ANEES), Researchers from the Department of War Studies collaborated with the Naval Staff Course, the Council of Admirals, the Caribbean Naval Force and the Naval Cadets School to deepen understanding of strategic relations, crisis management, and effective communication with decision-makers.

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Dr Vinicius De Carvalho and PhD students Raphael Lima and Mauro Bonavita led the collaboration to strengthen the Colombian Navy's strategic capabilities in an evolving security landscape. 

This exchange experience is a good example of dialogue between what we are researching at the department with practitioners in the global south. Colombian Navy is an important partner for us, and this interaction is a proof of the impact of our research. The fact we had the opportunity to talk to all the Admirals of the Colombian Navy, as well as to young officers, is quite unique. This trip was also important for PhD students, as they presented their research to a very relevant group of practitioner

Dr Vinicius De Carvalho

As part of the Council of Admirals’ planning meeting, Dr Vinicius de Carvalho delivered lectures covering the contemporary security environment, cognitive warfare and civil-military relations, while Raphael Lima focused on naval modernisation and military innovation in Latin American navies.

Like all militaries worldwide, Latin American militaries need to look forward and find new and better ways to fulfil their missions. Most Navies in the region are multirole militaries and accumulate the roles of a naval force, a coast guard, fluvial police and maritime authority. Additionally, in areas like the Amazon Rainforest, military organisations can represent the only presence. Hence, the challenge is to find a modernisation process that considers technologies, doctrines and organisational practices capable of balancing these all-encompassing mission

Raphael Lima

Mauro Bonavita provided perspectives on naval modernisation and military innovation in Latin American navies, with a specific focus on the implications of the Indo-Pacific region for Colombia.

For the Indo-Pacific region, Colombia is a bridge between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, and due to its proximity to the Panama Canal has a special strategic relevance. There are also economic opportunities and security implications, with the impact of the strategic competition between the US and communist China reaching new theatres, including the Latin American one, but also new forms of cooperation to address non-traditional maritime security issues

Mauro Bonavita

This engagement marks a significant step in a long-term international partnership aimed at contributing to the advancement of naval modernisation and military innovation in Latin American navies, encouraging a deeper comprehension of security studies in the Indo-Pacific region and their implications for Colombia.

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