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23 October 2023

King's set to launch new master's course on Applied Bioinformatics

The Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine will be launching the new postgraduate MSc course for 2024 entry, aiming to provide the skills to analyse, interpret and integrate biological data for life sciences research.

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The Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine is excited to announce the launch of a new postgraduate master’s course for 2024 entry. The MSc in Applied Bioinformatics is open to graduates of life sciences and physical sciences who not only want to gain key skills to analyse, interpret and integrate biological data, but also understand how to apply these skills to research.

Bioinformatics applies methods from information technology, maths, computer science and statistics, to solve problems in biological science. It is essential for the management of data in modern biology and medicine. The volume and types of biological data are changing dramatically as new tools are developed to interrogate the genome and gene expression.

Skills in bioinformatics are essential for future life scientists, not only to molecular sciences, but also in fields such as climate change and conservation. This is an excellent time to undertake postgraduate study in this area. We are seeing high demand across the life sciences for skilled bioinformaticians, and the job market for graduates proficient in bioinformatics is growing.

Dr Alessandra Vigilante, Course Director of MSc Applied Bioinformatics & Senior Lecturer in Bioinformatics

Students will gain transferable core skills, including data management, data wrangling, data visualisation and programming. Fundamental to the course is how to apply bioinformatic skills to the latest areas of health research including gene therapy, cancer studies and drug discovery. Students will undertake a research project embedded in a King’s research group and will learn how to design original research under the guidance of leading researchers in their field.

Ranked twelfth in the world for the subjects Life sciences & Medicine, King’s expertise in bioinformatics is utilised and reflected in its many research and clinical centres and collaborations including the Frances Crick Institute, King’s Health Partners Centre for Translational Informatics, South-East Genomics Service, MRC eMEd Lab, Cancer Centre at Guy’s Hospital.

Vigilante adds: “Our strength in this field provides a dynamic environment in which to study and thrive. We are also launching a King’s Hub for Applied Bioinformatics (HAB) which will facilitate connections across all of King’s computational groups and hybrid groups. The Hub will have dedicated student space offering excellent networking opportunities”.

Further information about the programme is available on our website.

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