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18 May 2022

Medical Robotics students present final assessment pieces

Medical Robotics students built 2D planar robots from scratch


MSc/MEng students demonstrated a robotic system they built from scratch as part of the Medical Robotics Hardware Development module led by Dr Alejandro Granados. 

The assessment required that the 2D planar robots were programmed to complete a full circle when a pen is attached.  

During the Medical Robotics Hardware Development module, students were asked to create a 2D planar robot from scratch yet encouraging creativity. Throughout the term, it was fascinating to see students from different backgrounds working together and iteratively producing robotic systems with more thoughtful and complex designs. During the final group demonstration, we saw a wide range of solutions that were not only creative, diverse, and innovative, but also the result of the excitement and engagement students demonstrated when working in groups in topics related to computer-aided design, 3D printing, forward/inverse kinematics, sensing, motor control, and risk assessment.

Dr Alejandro Granados, Lecturer in Surgical Data Science

Group 4, Anhao Liu and Xiaochong Wei said it was the most interesting class this semester. "We learned a lot. Alejandro is a very patient and taught us a lot. We're very glad we made such a fascinating demo and we're very grateful also to have these classmates."

Another group said: "It was tough but interesting. Alejandro was great and as challenging as it was to build the hardware, we had help from the PhD students which made the process really fun."