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08 November 2022

New exhibition explores different forms of vision

Layers of Vision explores the barriers that people who are blind or have sight loss are facing in everyday life

 A hand explores a canvas with textures built up through soft sponged marks and relief tissue paper, depicting roses and leaves. The painting is washed in a warm glow    of pale pinks, yellows and touches of green.
'In the Rose Garden' by Bianca Raffaella

Listen to an audio message from artist Zoe Partington about Layers of Vision above.

Layers of Vision explores the experiences and perspectives of blind and partially sighted (BPS) artists living in a world made for sighted people.

Ten artworks celebrate and creatively explore accessibility, with each artwork appreciating different forms of vision. Featuring multisensory elements, Layers of Vision questions common views and practices around access and disability inclusion in the arts and beyond. 

Layers of Vision is inspired and informed by ongoing research into understanding how museums in the UK make their art collections accessible to BPS visitors, including what they consider in order to create exhibitions that BPS individuals can visit and participate in independently and in a meaningful way.

For the exhibition, ten artists collaborate with academics from King’s Business School, Royal Holloway University of London, and Lancaster University Management School, alongside arts charity Shape Arts, King’s Culture, King’s Digital Lab and Praline, to stimulate discussion and debate about accessibility and the arts.

The artists exhibiting include Aaron McPeake, Alice Christina-Corrigan, Bianca Raffaella, Clarke Reynolds, David Johnson, Fae Kilburn, Mickel aka Ebony Rose Dark, Natalie Doig, Sally Booth and Zoe Partington.

Katharina C. Husemann, Senior Lecturer in Marketing at King’s Business School explains: "the artists produced works that channel their creativity and lived experience in exciting new ways. Integral to this was embracing their view on how to make art accessible for blind and partially sighted visitors. And they did so right from the start of their creative process, not as an ‘add-on’ at the very end."

"The result is an exhibition that tells very personal stories, offers rich multisensory experiences, and is fun to engage with. The exhibition demonstrates what is possible for organisations and businesses that creatively put access and co-production at the core of what they do. It makes it more attractive for all."

The exhibition demonstrates what is possible for organisations and businesses that creatively put access and co-production at the core of what they do. It makes it more attractive for all.

Katharina C. Husemann, Senior Lecturer in Marketing

Layers of Vision has been developed on the principle of co-creation, with members of the BPS community guiding the direction and implementation of the show. The exhibiting artists all present work that explores their lived experience of visual impairment.

For more information, including opening times and accessibility information, visit the exhibition website.

Layers of Vision is devised by Katharina C Husemann (King's Business School), Anica Zeyen (Royal Holloway University of London) and Leighanne Higgins (Lancaster University Management School).

The exhibition is presented by King’s Business School, with funding from the King's Business School Innovation Fund. Supported by King’s Culture, King’s Digital Lab, Shape Arts, and Zoe Partington.

Visit the Layers of Vision exhibition

21 November to 16 December

The Arcade at Bush House, South Wing, King’s College London, Strand, WC2B 4PJ

The exhibition will be open and staffed from 10am till 6pm Monday to Friday.

Free, no booking required. Visit the website for further information and full details on accessibility arrangements.

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