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24 May 2021

New extracurricular programme introduces cutting-edge creative digital skills

King’s launches new extracurricular programme focused on creative digital skills as part of King’s Edge


Creative Digital Skills is a new programme curated by King's Culture and open to all King’s students who would like to develop creative digital skills, through live masterclasses and curated asynchronous resources. The programme is part of a range of ways in which King’s students can learn and participate in the creative digital sector.

The programme offers an opportunity to learn from industry professionals from across the digital and creative sector who offer real-world context for skills development and will provide opportunities to upskill in key creative and digital skills.

As part of the unparalleled range of extracurricular activities offered at King’s, I am delighted that the Creative Digital Skills programme draws on the specialist knowledge from King’s partners and networks within the digital and creative sector. Students have the chance to get started with and gain an insight into the worlds of AR, VR, podcast production and much more – crucial digital skills we know employers value.

Professor Nicola Phillips, Vice-President and Vice-Principal (Education)

The Creative Digital Skills programme includes content from the Department of Digital Humanities in the Faculty of Arts & Humanities at King’s, alongside other resources linking to the topics that have been curated into an exciting offer.

The programme’s masterclasses will delve into recent digital technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D modelling and will introduce design and storytelling techniques.

Veteran experience designer and King’s artist-in-residence Rob Morgan, of London-based immersive AR design studio Playlines, will discuss how to find, design, and create access to AR narratives in ordinary places. Digital artist and creative technologist Maf'j Alvarez will introduce students to her work and practice of developing VR experiences for the cultural sector. Neil Jakeman of King's Digital Lab in the Faculty of Arts & Humanities will present some of the different methods that are used to create 3D content and will introduce production workflows.


This is a great opportunity to gain additional creative digital skills, and to draw on the breadth of experiences and interests of King’s community. It is vital that we blend practical and theoretical approaches to creativity and this Creative Digital Skills programme will contribute to that mixture. This programme showcases once again the opportunities King’s students have to work with London and international partners and to learn from cutting-edge artists and creatives.

Professor Graeme Earl, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Humanities (External Relations)

Further live masterclasses will examine the use of more traditional media such as video, illustration and radio, and the potential to co-create with communities and engage new audiences.

Speaker, trainer and science illustrator Hana Ayoob will explain different methods to make research more visually engaging for the research community and accessible for public audiences. Documentary photographer and designer at COMUZI, Safiya McKenzie will be discussing the importance of storytelling and co-creating with communities on creative digital design projects. Independent, multi-disciplinary production company CHILD Studio will share their story of starting a video production company and provide some tips to bring in work, build a client base and grow a business independently. King’s Stem Cells @ Lunch Digested team will introduce podcast making and give students practical tips so they can start their own.

Creative Digital Skills is part of King’s Edge, a skills-focused extracurricular programme running throughout spring/summer 2021 for King’s students with a focus on skills, employability and wellbeing.

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