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24 November 2023

New HealthTech Research Centre focuses on cardiovascular and respiratory medicine

A new “one stop shop” Research Centre based at St Thomas’ hospital will work with industry and academic partners to develop new technologies, medical devices and digital solutions.

HRC Heart and Lungs

King’s College London and Guy’s and St Thomas’ will set up a new HealthTech Research Centre (HRC) focussing on cardiovascular and respiratory medicine, and based at St Thomas' hospital. 

Launching from April 2024, the HRC will work with businesses to support the development of new medical devices, diagnostics and digital technology. These will support patients to better monitor their health, diagnose ill health sooner and improve the management of conditions like cardiovascular and respiratory disease.

The HRC will be one of 14 new HealthTech Research Centres across England which received nearly £42 million in total from the National Institute of Health and Care Research (NIHR).

I am proud to announce the NIHR Cardiovascular and Respiratory HealthTech Research Centre at Guy's and St Thomas' and King's College London. With the infrastructure provided by the centre, we will support the development of new technologies, growing health-tech in the UK and helping people live more independent and healthier lives for longer.

Amedeo Chiribiri, consultant cardiologist at Guy’s and St Thomas’, professor of cardiovascular imaging at King’s College London, and centre co-director.

The cardio-respiratory HealthTech Research Centre will focus on four themes:

  • cardiovascular diseases in adults;
  • technologies for children with congenital heart diseases;
  • cardiovascular interventions; and
  • respiratory medicine.

In addition to developing technologies to support and promote the use of health-tech at home, the centre will develop training for the next generation of health-tech innovators and researchers.

Building on the extensive expertise in the management of cardiovascular diseases, respiratory conditions, biomedical and clinical engineering, we are able to offer a centre based in the heart of London but with national remit, that will foster and accelerate the translation to bedside of new promising technologies for the benefit of patients, the NHS, and the British economy.

Miss Rachel Clough, consultant vascular surgeon and clinical senior lecturer in surgical and interventional engineering at King’s College London, and co-director of the new health-tech research centre.

Our geographical location is one of the keys to the success of our research, since Lambeth, Southwark, Kensington and Chelsea as a whole encompass some of the most diverse populations in the UK. Our strategy for public and patient engagement and equality, diversity and inclusion are designed to work with the local community and with our patients.

Dr Emmanuel Akinluyi, chief biomedical engineer at Guy’s and St Thomas’, honorary senior lecturer, and centre deputy director.

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