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06 December 2023

PhD podcast returns for second series

The Call My Supervisor! podcast is back for a second series.

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The podcast, which launched in 2022, features PhD candidates from across the School of Politics and Economics talking about their research, insights and personal experiences of life as doctoral candidates.

In the first series, the podcast welcomed guests who spoke about areas of research as diverse as AI, Brexit, international trade and pathways to higher education, and the second series is set to be every bit as varied and insightful.

Kicking off the second series is Iris Magne, a doctoral candidate from the King’s Russia Institute, whose research examines the interplay between authoritarianism, COVID-19, biopolitics and efforts to establish a new ‘global order’.

Iris joined the Russia Institute in October and shares her thoughts on transitioning from an MA into full-time doctoral studies, balancing work and study, her reflections on the PhD community and her advice for those considering further study.

The series is co-hosted by undergraduate students Clara Goilav and Cameron Mitchell-Bell, from the Department of Political Economy at King’s.

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You can listen to the new series on Spotify at the link here.

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