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20 April 2022

Professor Manthorpe appointed to Commons Select Committee Expert Panel

The Panel will evaluate Government progress in its policy on the health and social care workforce

Houses of Parliament in London

Jill Manthorpe, Professor of Social Work at King's, has been appointed as one of four subject specialists to an Expert Panel by the House of Commons Health and Social Care Select Committee.

The Panel, which is chaired by Professor Dame Jane Dacre, is to undertake an independent evaluation of the progress the Government has made against its own commitments in the area of health and social care workforce in England. At King's, Professor Manthorpe is Director of the NIHR Policy Research Unit in Health and Social Care Workforce. In October 2021, she was appointed by the Migration Advisory Committee to advise on its adult social care commission (report due by the end of this month).

The other subject specialists appointed to the Panel are Professors Alison Leary, Carol Atkinson, and Shereen Hussein.

The work of the Expert Panel forms part of the scrutiny function of parliamentary select committees. The Panel will produce a report, which will be sent to the Health and Social Care Committee to review.

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Health and social care matters to us all so I value the opportunity to work with Committee members to offer my advice and experience to the posing of their questions and reflections on what they are told. I have worked on health and social care subjects for several years but like most people they matter to me and my family at personal levels. I really welcome talking about health and care together since they are so closely linked for us all. Central to these services is a focus on wellbeing and I hope that we will have the time to talk about this – and how Committees such as this one can support those with huge commitments to national and global wellbeing. Working with people who have many different insights will be a great learning opportunity for us all.

Jill Manthorpe on her appointment to the Panel (from the Committee website)

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