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30 November 2018

Professor Tiziana Di Matteo elected to Council of Complex Systems Society

Tiziana Di Matteo, Professor of Econophysics in the Department of Mathematics, has been elected to the Council of the Complex Systems Society, a role that will last for three years until 2021. This is in fact the second time Tiziana has served on the CSS Council, as she was first elected in 2008.

Professor Tiziana Di Matteo
Professor Tiziana Di Matteo

Tiziana has long-standing experience in the study of complex systems and complex materials (financial markets and granular matter). Her interest in complex systems derived from fundamental studies of radiation propagation in network (electronic) devices, including magnetic properties of new materials (cuprates), many body systems (strongly correlated electronic systems, fluxon dynamics in high Tc superconductors), superconducting technological devices (Josephson junction networks, SQUIDs).

Since 1999 she has studied financial markets as evolving complex systems and her main research activity is currently on Econophysics (the application of methods from statistical physics, the physics of complex systems and science of networks to macro/micro-economic modelling, financial market analysis and social problems). Her current research is multidisciplinary data-driven research; the analysis of complex data from the perspective of a statistical physicist working closely with economists, finance experts, computer scientists, mathematicians and scientists with different backgrounds.

Tiziana explained:

‘The Complex Systems Society greatly benefits the entire community as it aims to promote the development of all aspects of complex systems science in Europe and internationally.

‘The Council, with the CSS Executive Committee, regulates the organisation. Being a member of the CSS Council allows me to play a key role within our community, helping to foster, strengthen and fortify our community and to promote further dissemination of Complexity Science.

‘I am honoured and very happy to have been elected a member of the prestigious CSS Council and I am looking forward to making a contribution to the research community.’

Since this success, Tiziana has also been elected to the CSS Executive Committee, voted for by the members of the Council and also a three-year position.

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