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22 May 2024

Psychologically Informed Environments

The latest webinar in the Homelessness series was led by Dr Kari Vyas and Dr Lily Krause


Over 240 participants from across England, Scotland and Ireland, joined an HSCWRU homelessness webinar on Psychological approaches to working with people experiencing homelessness led by Dr Kari Vyas and Dr Lily Krause, both Highly Specialist Clinical Psychologists from the Psychology in Hostels Project.

The webinar explored the complex needs faced by many people experiencing homelessness which stem from trauma, and the psychologically-informed approaches by practitioners and services that are essential to respond to the prevalence and impact of this trauma when working with people experiencing homelessness. Participants shared their own experiences, both lived experience of trauma related to homelessness, and professional experience of trying to respond to these issues. They thanked speakers for a ‘Very informative presentation, thank you very much, and well done for the work that you have done’ and ‘Such a good webinar, so valuable to practice. I will be sharing these slides with my team’.

The slides are available here.

Next time

The next webinar in this series will focus on Primary health care services for people who are homeless - what works?

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Header image: from the presenters' slides

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