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01 December 2023

Radiology AI MedTech company deepc joins MONAI

deepc, a leading MedTech company in radiology AI, has announced its strategic alignment, compatibility, and commitment towards MONAI, the Medical Open Network for Artificial Intelligence.

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Radiology AI company deepc has formally announced it is joining the Medical Open Network for Artificial Intelligence (MONAI) to strengthen its commitment to open source and global healthcare transformation.

MONAI is a community-driven, open-source framework co-founded by King’s College London and NVIDIA that has expanded to a consortium of 16 world-leading institutions aiming to advance healthcare through medical imaging. MONAI has gained widespread recognition as a standard within the medical imaging AI development community, achieving more than 1.5 million downloads to date.

One of its key contributions to date is the MONAI Application Package (MAPs) specification, designed to offer a streamlined approach for packaging AI models, enabling their seamless deployment within existing healthcare infrastructures and standards for medical imaging interoperability. deepcOS’ MAPs compatibility will unlock new AI development capabilities on the platform, accelerating the translation of AI research into clinical practice.

MONAI Deploy, created jointly by the AI Centre and NVIDIA, is becoming increasingly impactful. Deepc’s comprehensive adoption of the technology means MONAI Deploy medical application packages (MAPs) will be available on more than 100 sites throughout Europe, solidifying MONAI's impact on the community.

deepc also joins the MONAI Deploy working group to actively contribute to and shape the current standards for medical imaging AI applications. As a member, deepc will share its domain expertise and experience to contribute to the ongoing refinement of best practices and guidelines for the integration of AI technologies in the healthcare industry. 


We are thrilled to join the MONAI community and contribute to the advancement of open-source, cutting-edge healthcare solutions. MONAI compatibility will strengthen our ability to transform the healthcare industry, making AI development and deployment more accessible and efficient. We are committed to driving innovation in medical AI, fostering collaboration in the development community, and ultimately improving patient care and hospital operations worldwide.

Dr. Franz Pfister, co-founder and CEO at deepc.

deepc’s contribution to MONAI underscores their dedication to fostering research support and collaboration within the medical AI community, diversifying key industry engagement with MONAI. By adopting MONAI compatibility on deepcOS, deepc empowers researchers to accelerate innovation, share results, and unite common goals across academic and industry endeavors.

Prof Sebastien Ourselin FREng FMedSci, Head of School of Biomedical Engineering & Imaging Sciences, King’s College London.

The MONAI framework was created to establish best practices and foster open-source AI collaboration for healthcare researchers in medical imaging. deepc’s embrace of MONAI standards will help make the future of medical imaging AI more accessible and robust.

David Bericat, product manager for healthcare at NVIDIA and co-founding cooperator of Project MONAI.

MONAI was developed and sustained by the medical imaging community with key support from esteemed research institutions like King’s College London, the NIH National Cancer Institute, and the Mayo Clinic. 

deepc has developed the radiology AI platform deepcOS, providing clinicians with effortless access to a myriad of regulatory-approved globally leading AI solutions for more than 50 clinical indications, delivering more efficient workflows and offering radiologists assistance in their daily routine.

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