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08 February 2021

REACH-XR Small-Scale Funding Call is now open for Arts and Humanities researchers

REACH-XR provides an opportunity for creative and experimental online research activities to take place through the two strands of our Small-Scale funding call.

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The Arts & Humanities Research Institute (AHRI) specialises in supporting socially engaged research and recognises that to develop new socially engaged research projects requires building trusting relationships with community partners. We believe that, in embracing diverse voices, socially engaged research frees imaginations and unleashes potential to create rich research opportunities for staff, students and communities that are well positioned to understand and tackle difficult challenges, both big and small.


Whilst we are currently unable to access the REACH Space due to Covid-19, REACH-XR has been developed as a digital version of the space, creating an interdisciplinary digital space to encourage new connections between researchers, students, community groups and artists.


Our REACH XR Small-Scale funding call supports socially engaged research through providing opportunities for Arts and Humanities researchers at any level across two strands: Community Conversations (up to £400) and Digital Training Bursaries (up to £500):


Strand One: Community Conversations


Applicants can apply for up to £400 for activities exploring the potential for communities to co-produce, contribute to and partner with an emergent or planned research project. The fund is to support new or emergent conversations, and the funding can be spent on any activities that help create conditions for productive conversations about common research interests/challenges and from which ideas for socially engaged research projects might arise.


Strand Two: Bursaries for socially engaged research in digital environments


The Covid-19 pandemic causes us to confront how best to conduct socially engaged research in online fields and may require us to develop new tools, techniques and skillsets as researchers.


Applicants can apply for bursaries of up to £500 to spend on online professional development opportunities that enhance their ability to conduct socially engaged research in digital environments. Applicants must source their own professional development opportunities, which can take any form, but opportunities must fit into one of the following two categories:


  1. Communicating research in digital environments
  2. Conducting socially engaged research in digital environments


All activity in both strands must take place online and within King’s College London’s Covid-19 guidelines.


Researchers can apply at any time up until 18 June, with applications reviewed monthly.. Please read the Call Guidance before completing the Application Form.


Completed applications and any enquiries should be sent to

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