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10 October 2019

'Religion and the Rise of Populism' - first edition now available

A timely and topical new book from TRS academics Daniel Nilsson DeHanas & Marat Shterin, recently published by Routledge

Book cover and profile images
'Religion and the Rise of Populism', edited by Dr Daniel Nilsson DeHanas (top right) and Dr Marat Shterin (bottom right).

Populism is on the rise around the world. Since 2016, with the US presidential election and the Brexit debate in the UK, populism has taken a central place in global discussions on democracy.  However, although religion has played a key role in populism in many countries, it has been curiously neglected in recent academic debates.

Religion and the Rise of Populism

Religion and the Rise of Populism, a new book edited by  Dr Daniel Nilsson DeHanas and  Dr Marat Shterin (Department of Theology & Religious Studies) aims to correct the oversight set out above, using engaging case studies from all around the world

The first part of the book focuses on the West, with authors exploring the important role of Anglican voters in the Brexit referendum; rural and pre-millennialist American support for Donald Trump; and the rise of political rhetoric on Muslims in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

The book then moves beyond the West to consider leaders and political parties in Turkey, Macedonia, Greece, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan.

The authors look to consider varied populist types, from more established ‘ruling populists’ to young upstart movements.

Originally published as a special issue of the journal  Religion, State & Society, this wide-ranging volume redefines the concept of populism as a political style that sets a ‘sacred people’ apart from its enemies, providing a timely yet grounded account that will stimulate further research and public debate. 

A hardcover version is available to purchase online through Routledge.