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Spotlight on... India

India is a vibrant and ever-growing country. From the Golden Triangle to the Himalayas and Kerala's backwaters, its diverse and exciting landscape is almost as exciting as the leaps forward it is taking in technology use and social development.

Here, we celebrate the close links that King’s staff and students have with the country and the collaborative work that is underway in the region.

Election fever - 101

India is in the midst of a general election – the biggest in the world. But, how does this month-long process work? Dr Louise Tillin, Reader in Politics at King's India Institute, helps to explain:

Improving cancer treatment in India

Did you know….India is reported to have over 1 million new cancer patients each year? Work from King’s is looking to improve cancer care for these people. Find out more here

Twenty-four stills photography exhibition

Riding the tide of India's digital urban age

In December, a hip-hop song written and performed by young women living in a slum resettlement colony in Delhi captured the attention of thousands around the world. The song, created in collaboration with King’s, illustrates how they are excluded from the city while riding the tide of India's digital urban age. Find out the story behind the song here and the King’s project aimed at improving the lives of women in India. 

As part of the same project, King’s academic, Ayona Datta, has discovered that young women are using selfies to stake a claim on the city that they live in. Read more here.

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King's student gives India a tea break

Meet Vidur Maheswar, a King’s Business School graduate and entrepreneur who has opened a chain of successful tea restaurants in Chennai, India – the land of coffee!

Alumni tea business2

Financial incentives that may open doors to healthcare in India

In 2007, the Indian Government introduced a National Health Insurance Scheme aimed at providing subsided quality healthcare to the poorest 40% of India’s population. However, enrolment rates for the scheme have remained low, particularly amongst those that need it the most. Research from King’s suggests that social barriers related to the Indian caste system may be a cause of this.

Caste cost _promo

Facebook: friend or foe in India? 

In 2017, India overtook the US to become the country with the highest number of Facebook users in the world. But, what impact is this having on young people in the country? The answer, revealed in King's research, may be surprising!

india online-campaign

Taking a hard line on soft power in India 

India has become the third largest economy in the world but, despite current Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, making frequent foreign trips, the country’s influence on a global level doesn’t seem to have increased. Dr Kamini Gupta from King’s Business School suggests that now is the time for the government of India to re-think its strategy and approach in order to change this.

India_soft power

Discover more about the activities of King's India Institute and how to study with them here