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12 December 2023

Staff and former students present on sustainability at Association for Simulation Practice in Healthcare conference

Dr Jocelyn Cornish

NMPC staff and students led a workshop on conversations around climate at the conference.

NMPC at conference

In a wet and windy Brighton with amber weather warnings, Florence Nightingale Nursing, Midwifery and Palliative Care (NMPC) staff and former students presented at the Association for Simulation Practice in Healthcare (ASPiH) conference on the topics of simulation and simulation with collaborators from other Universities.

Former students Akira Madams (MSc Adult Nursing) and Victoria Edleston (BSc Mental Health Nursing) who will graduate in January, joined Dr Jocelyn Cornish, Mel Maddison and Dr Heather Baid from University of Brighton to deliver a workshop entitled, ‘Creating the climate for climate change conversations’.

Akira and Victoria were the student interns on the clinical skills carbon footprint project which aims to make clinical skills education more sustainable through reduction, reuse and recycling of resources which end up in clinical waste.

In the first activity they presented the ‘bin diving’ findings, materials analysis and conclusions for next steps.

In the second activity, Dr Baid provided information on solutions tried at the University of Brighton and in the final activity, Mel Maddison treated the audience to Sustainability Bingo to illustrate how climate change conversations can be motivated via a fun and interesting way.

Many audience members came to congratulate Victoria and Akira on their work and presentation and shared intentions to play sustainability bingo with their own staff. Heather, Jocelyn and Mel then presented an oral paper to share other insights from the collaboration between King’s College London and University of Brighton, funded by NMPC seed corn funding.

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