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20 December 2021

Top in 2021: The news and views that made waves in the School of Politics and Economics

As 2021 draws to a close, we look back at the news and views that have struck a chord in our community over the last year.

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Some of the news that has made headlines in the School of Politics and Economics. Picture: STOCK IMAGE

Whether its student success, new publications or insightful research, there has been plenty going on in the School of Politics and Economics.

Here are the stories that generated the most views on our website…

Simple rule change could mean check-mate for unfair advantage in chess. Read it here.

In August, new research co-authored by Dr Mehmet Ismail, from the Department of Political Economy, revealed that an inherent bias in chess could be eliminated with a simple rule change.

The research featured in the Times and has been viewed more than 14,000 times on the King’s website alone.

Study finds tax cuts for rich have 'no significant effect' on growth or jobs. Read it here.

Research by Dr David Hope and Dr Julian Limberg which examined the effect of tax cuts for the rich was actually published in December last year but continued to make waves into 2021.

The academics, from the Department of Political Economy, found that major tax cuts for the rich since the 1980s have worsened income inequality without boosting economic performance.

The research generated major interest and was carried by US news outlets Bloomberg and CBS, and was also tweeted by US Senator, Elizabeth Warren. The research was viewed more than 3,000 times on the King’s website.

Department's top-performing postgraduates are honoured. Read it here.

A slight departure from research-related news as the Department of European and International Studies celebrated its top-performing post graduates.

Prizes were awarded for the two best dissertations and for those in the top 10 per cent of the cohort, with head of department, Professor Johnna Montgomerie hailing some “extraordinary” work in difficult circumstances. The article was viewed almost 1,000 times.

Meet the academic who helped bring 'breath-taking' new series to TV screens. Read it here.

An interview with Professor Jon Davis, from the Strand Group was read almost 700 times on the King’s website.

Prof Davis acted as consultant for a new BBC series released in 2021 which examined Tony Blair and Gordon Brown’s years in government. In the interview, Prof Davis spoke about the creative process, the book that inspired the series, and his reflections on the legacy of Blair and Brown.

The article appeared on the King’s website in October.

Outstanding Matilde collects thesis prize. Read it here.

In April, former King’s PhD candidate Matilde Rosina was awarded a King’s Outstanding Thesis Prize for 2021 by a panel of judges, in recognition of her work questioning the effectiveness of deterrence measures in reducing irregular migration to Europe.

Matilde was a student in the Department of European and International Studies. The news was viewed more than 400 times.

Our top videos on YouTube in 2021

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