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15 January 2021

Tracing European musical heritage

Using AI to map the history of music

Musical notation

King’s is bringing its expertise in knowledge engineering to a pan-European project to map European musical traditions.

The Polifonia project is developing artificial intelligence that can search texts and sounds to build a record of how music has changed since the 16th century. It will create a web resource available to everyone who loves music and is fascinated by its history.

Dr Albert Meroño Peñuela, a lecturer in the Department of Informatics, is leading a working group that will develop ontologies, knowledge graphs and interlinking algorithms to make the vast amounts of musical cultural data interoperable. This work will bring together music notations in scores, audio and manuscripts, descriptions of musical patterns and the historical events, places, and people related to them to build an invaluable resource for understanding and enjoying our rich musical history.

Commenting on the project, Albert said:

Knowledge engineering allows us to create a large knowledge graph of European musical traditions, unveiling the tangible and intangible connections in the musical heritage of this fascinating period. Through the advancement and application of AI in cultural heritage, we want to answer the question: what is the soundtrack of our history?”

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