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15 August 2019

Using animation to raise awareness of issues of gender and exclusion

Dr Negar Elodie Behzadi is working with an artist to create an animated ethnographic portrait based on her research of stigmatised female coal miners in Tajikistan.

Women with A Camera Bag
Photo by Lyanne Wylde

Nadirah is a collaborative project between a feminist geographer, Negar Elodie Behzadi, and an animation artist, Kate Jessop to raise awareness of issues of gender and exclusion in a context of resource extraction and economic desolation.

The animation will be an ethnographic portrait of one stigmatised female coal miner in Tajikistan: Nadirah. Based on ethnographic research in a coal mining community undertaken by Negar in 2014-5 where women miners were stigmatised and excluded, this portrait aims to make visible otherwise invisibilised stories of shame. 

This project is one of the first Artist in Residencies of the VEM a new network exploring arts-based methodologies within the Faculty of Social Sciences & Public Policy, lead by the Department of International Development.

Photos by Lyanne Wylde

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