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Exam results

Postgraduate taught students

For postgraduate students, examination results and final degree classifications will be made available on your online student records page as soon as is feasible after the meetings of the Assessment Sub-Boards and Faculty Assessment Boards of Examiners.These boards meet several times a year.

For exams taken in May, projects submitted in March and various other forms of assessment, the final approval of results is likely to be in early July. Notification that your examination results are available will be emailed to you in July by ARC along with information on your progression and details of any resits granted to you. Please note that marks for some intercollegiate modules can be late and miss the July deadline and only be ratified finally in October or November.

For exams taken in August and projects submitted in September the final approval of exam results and of the award of degrees is likely to be in late October or early November. Notification that examination results are available will be emailed to you by ARC along with information on your progression and details of any resits granted to you.

Please do not contact the College or the Department asking to be told your results over the telephone; Data Protection restrictions do not permit staff to disclose your results in this way.


Under no circumstances will your results be released (nor will you be able to obtain references from members of staff) if you have unpaid debts in respect of tuition fees.

If the debt persists for more than a week, students lose access to all KCL services (e.g. KEATS, KCL email). This is a College process and is out of the Department's control.

Reinstating these services takes five working days from payment of the debt, and may result in missing coursework submission deadlines (resulting in a 0% mark) and important communication from the College and the Department.

Where a student misses an examination or assessment deadline as a result of suspension then the student will not be considered to have attempted that examination or coursework, and will not be recorded as having missed an “attempt” with a mark of zero. Students who subsequently have their suspension lifted will be permitted to sit the examination or other form of assessment at the next available opportunity without further penalty. If you have missed an assessment due to suspension and have had the suspension lifted and are uncertain when you will be reassessed please contact your Programme Administrator or Exam Board Chair for further advice and to ensure your assessment records are up to date.

If you need any financial assistance, you can refer to the Funding Office , who will be able to give you advice.

What if I don't agree with my results?

All students at King’s have the right to request a review of a decision of a Board of Examiners. However a decision of a Board of Examiners cannot be challenged on academic grounds, that is to say because your view of your performance in any examination or assessment differs from that of the Board. There are two valid reasons for requesting a review of results by the relevant Board of Examiners:

  • Your assessment may have been adversely affected by illness or other factors that you were unable or, for valid reasons, unwilling to divulge before the Board of Examiners reached its decision.

  • There is clear evidence of a significant administrative error on the part of the College or that the examination was not conducted in accordance with the Instructions/Regulations.

If either of these reasons apply, you may complete and submit a Stage 1 Appeal Form (formerly called EDR2), which will be forwarded to the relevant Board of Examiners for consideration. Please ensure you have read the appeal form carefully, it will not be considered by the appeals committee if it is not properly completed.

Can I see my exam scripts?

You can now request scripts from all written examinations if you want to better understand your marks for a particular assessment.

You can request a scanned copy of your exam script normally once your marks for that module have been formally ratified by the Assessment Boards and published on Student Records.  In some cases you may be able to view your script after provisional marks have been released, prior to the Assessment Board meeting, if this is the case you will be notified separately when you receive your provisional marks.  Once the scripts are available they can be requested at any time during your period of study.

You should complete the form available online from this page to request your scripts, any queries should be sent to

To avoid delays in processing, make sure you complete the form in full.  Your script will normally be sent to you at your KCL email address within 14 days of your request.

Whilst you may find it useful to see your script please remember that:   

  • Generic feedback and, where appropriate, solutions, will be available via the online exam feedback system, on webpages or on KEATS, as advertised in your department.
  • The Department cannot comment on the marking of individual students' exams.
  • You may ask the module lecturer to go through exam questions with you if you have specific questions to address (not normally your personal tutor as noted in some information), students should contact the module lecturer directly to arrange this and should be aware that staff may be away in July and August so might respond more slowly than in term time.  The purpose of such a meeting would be to help you understand better why you received a particular mark, it is not to review or challenge the mark assigned.
  • All exams are marked according to an approved marking model from the College Marking Framework, details are available in your handbook, and overall marking quality is checked by examiners from other universities.
  • Multiple Choice Question tests (MCQs) are not included in this process – but you should still receive generic feedback for this assessment.
  • The marks shown on the script for questions and parts of questions are for the purpose of assigning a raw mark for the exam - this raw mark is then altered through the moderation process before a final mark is assigned for the whole exam script.  Please note that these marks are not intended as a form of feedback - this will only inform you of the breakdown of raw marks by question.
  • Please remember that you can always meet with your lecturer to talk through the exam paper; you do not need to see your script to do this.

You should note that decisions of Boards of Examiners cannot be challenged on academic grounds.  This means that if you disagree with the marks given for certain questions, which are based on the judgement of the examiner, you can’t appeal on this basis.  Scripts will not be re-marked and marks will not change following their ratification at the Assessment Board.  If you believe you have found an error in the marking of your script (for instance incorrect addition of marks, an unmarked page/question) please contact your programme administrator in the first instance.  If you are considering appealing your examination results you should familiarise yourself with the Stage One Appeal form.  Furthermore, you do not require copies of your scripts in order to submit an appeal.  You should also contact KCLSU, who provide impartial advice to students and assistance with the appeals process.

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