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PhD Handbook

Attending lectures, seminars & conferences

You will be required to attend optional courses that best support your individual research project.

Also, you should attend any seminar arranged within the Department, the Faculty and the University that might interest you, as well as occasional lectures given by eminent scientists in other Colleges within London.

The programmes will be adequately advertised within CANES to make the most of such opportunities. 

As part of the CANES PhD programme, structured training and professional development will be provided through a number of different routes:

  • Seminar series: presented by external speakers as well as CANES students and staff.

  • Journal club: students will be paired in order to encourage peer-to-peer learning. One student will act as an "expert" for technical content, while the other will comment on the wider relevance of the topic.

  • Masterclasses: typically involving 4-8 lecturers over 2-4 days, contributed by leading international experts, including contributors from our industrial partners. Topics will include: structure and non-equilibrium dynamics of disordered materials, open system density matrix theory, probabilistic and bayesan inference, financial networks, open problems in photovoltaics, algorithms in biology.

  • Sandpits: students and leading experts from key user communities will meet to identify the most urgent questions and promising areas for progress in a given field. Topics will include experimental studies on non-equilibrium systems to inform the students of the relevant state of the art.

Mind that your attendance to the CANES training programme is compulsory. Also you will be expected to give your direct contrubution to the programme by identifying, suggesting and inviting speakers to give seminars and masterclasses.

  • Conferences: You will be encouraged to attend the biannual Conference on non-equilbrium systems (CONES) as part of your research, and many of you will be attending other conferences as required by your specific training needs. Always remember to search for the approval of your supervisors before arranging your partecipation to a conference.


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