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CONES 2018

CANES held its 2nd biennal Conference on Non Equilibrium Sytesms (CONES)  on June 25-27th 2018 at King’s College London.

The three day conference included a variety of talks from physical sciences, biological modelling, and statistical mechanics. The days were structured with talks (and also parallel ‘stranded’ talks), poster spotlights, poster sessions and a welcome reception to commence CONES 2018.



Audience @ CONES 2018



Poster Spotlight Talk @ CONES 2018


Lunch on the KCL River Terrace @ CONES 2018

MONDAY 25th June 2018

  • Markus Heyl (Dresden) – Dynamical quantum phase transitions
  • Pierfrancesco Urbani (IPHT) – From jamming of particles to machine learning and back
  • Simone Pigolotti (OIST, Okinawa) – Generic properties of stochastic entropy production
  • Eric Vanden-Eijnden (Courant Institute, NYU) – Parameters as interacting particles: asymptotic scaling, convexity, and error of neural networks
  • Andrea Cavagna (CNR-ISC, Institute for Complex Systems, Rome) – Dynamical Scaling in Natural Swarms
  • Anatoli Polkovnikov (Boston) – Cluster Truncated Wigner Approximation for Dynamics of Interacting Quantum Systems


TUESDAY 26th June 2018

  • Ehud Altman (Berkeley) – Ergodicity, entanglement and manybody localization in quantum systems
  • Dmitry Abanin (Geneva) -New non-equilibrium quantum manybody states enabled by ergodicity breakdown
  • Arijeet Pal (Oxford) – Quantum circuits, many-body localisation, and discrete time crystals
  • Raffaella Burioni (Parma) -Neuronal Avalanches in cortex dynamics and the  synchronization transition
  • Federico Carollo (Nottingham) –  Current fluctuations in boundary-driven quantum spinchains
  • Carl Dettmann (Bristol) –  Network connectivity in complex geometries
  • Adam Nahum (Oxford) –  Emergent statistical mechanics of entanglement
  • Edgar Roldan (ICTP, Trieste) –  Arcsine laws and extreme values in stochastic thermodynamics
  • Filippo Maria Gambetta (Nottingham) – Discrete time crystals in metastable open quantum systems
  • Carlos PerezEspigares (Nottingham) – Critical phenomena and their microscopic origin in the dynamical fluctuations of driven diffusive systems
  • Marzena Symanska (UCL) – Polariton quantum fluids in and out of equilibrium
  • Markus Meuwly (Basel) – Dynamics Far from Equilibrium in Atmospheric Molecular Processes
  • Open Lecture – Allan Tucker (Brunel) Three AI Algorithms Inspired by Data from the Life Sciences

WEDNESDAY 27th June 2018

  • Hernan Makse (The City College of New York) – Essential nodes in networks: connectome, Twitter and ecosystems
  • Daniel Sussman (Syracuse) – Anomalous interfaces in simple models of dense biological tissue
  • Patrick Pietzonka (Cambridge) – Thermodynamic bounds on current fluctuations
  • Ivet Bahar (Pittsburgh) – Multiscale Modeling and Simulations of Neurotransmitter Transport
  • Katarzyna Macieszczak (Cambridge) – Thermodynamic uncertainty relations
  • Richard Blythe (Edinburgh) – Universal Scaling of a growing interface constrained by a membrane
  • Luca Dall’Asta (Turin) – Optimality in self-organized molecular sorting
  • Robert Jack (Cambridge) – Large deviation of the active work in active fluid
  • Carmen MolinaParis (Leeds) – Stochastic descriptors to study the fate of naive T cell clonotypes in the periphery
  • Patrick Ilg (Reading) – Nanorheology and magnetoviscosity of magnetic nanoparticles in viscoelastic environments
  • Chiu Fan Lee (Imperial) – The physics of non-equilibrium phase separation: implications for stress granule formation in the cell cytoplasm
  • Ton Coolen (KCL) – Inferring parameters of irreversible processes: replica analysis of overfitting in time-to-event regression