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People and Partners

Advisory board

CANES will be guided in its teaching and research strategy by an independent Advisory Board. In addition to a number of our industrial partners, a number of leading national and international experts in the area of non-equilibrium systems have agreed to serve on the Advisory Board:

  • Professor Leticia Cugliandolo (LPTHE, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris) is a leader in theoretical analysis of non-equilibrium dynamics, and director of the Les Houches School for Theoretical Physics.

  • Professor Luca Cardellli (University of Oxford) is an expert in programming languages and computational modeling. His interdisciplinary interests include Molecular Programming, Systems Biology, Natural Computation, and Quantitative Semantics.
  • Professor Juan-P Garrahan (Physics, Nottingham), who has made leading contributions to quantum driven systems, and as chair of the Midland Physics Alliance Graduate School will be able to provide input on best practice in postgraduate research training

  • Professor Michael Ghil (École Normale Supérieure, Paris and University of California, Los Angeles), a pioneer in developing and applying advanced mathematical methods to the study of nonlinear models and observational data sets in climate dynamics and other fields.

  • Professor Michael Levitt (Stanford University), is a Nobel Prize winning professor of structual biology. He won a 1/3 of the prize "for the devlopment of multiscale models for complex chemical systems" in 2013.

  • Professor Alexander Lichtenstein (Theoretical Physics, Univ. Hamburg), a pioneer in dynamical effects in electronic structure, known e.g. for extensions of density functional theory to handle dynamical effects and strong correlations in electron systems (LDA + Dynamical Mean Field Theory)

  • Dr Arash Mostofi (Imperial College London), who works on the development and application of first-principles modelling tools for the theory and simulation of materials. 

  • Professor Giuseppe Mussardo (Head of Statistical Physics, SISSA), who combines a strong research record in statistical field theory, many body systems and non-equilibrium dynamics with a high profile in public engagement, e.g. via documentary movies on Abdus Salam and Boltzmann.

  • Professor Manfred Opper (Computer Science, TU Berlin), well known for his work at the intersection of statistical physics, statistics and machine learning, in particular inference for non-equilibrium systems. 

  • Professor Ben Simons (Herchel Smith Chair in Physics, Cambridge), with a distinguished track record in condensed matter physics and biological systems, including e.g. applications of stochastic processes to cell development and tumor growth.

Honorary members:

We also have agreement from the following distinguished scientists to be honorary members of the Advisory Board.

  • Professor David Sherrington FRS (Physics, Univ. of Oxford), a leader in the study of non-equilibrium effects in disordered and glassy materials and complex socio-economic systems

  • Professor Donald Turcotte (Geology, University of California, Davis), who has done pioneering research on applying dynamical systems approaches to geological problems.

Former member:

  • Professor Michael E Fisher FRS HonFRSE (Inst. Phys. Sci. Tech. and Physics, Univ. of Maryland), an international pioneer in statistical mechanics and biologically relevant physics, with a long-standing association with KCL

  • Professor Wilfred van Gunsteren (Chemistry, ETH Zürich), who has developed foundational methods in Molecular Dynamics, is an expert in free-energy calculations and has created extremely successful enhanced sampling techniques ideally suited to the study of non-equilibrium systems.

  • Professor Willie Taylor (Head of Division of Mathematical Biology, National Institute for Medical Research, London), an expert in computational and structural biology with interests in cellular and biological non- equilibrium systems, e.g. cell segregation as a phase transition and generalised protein fold landscapes

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