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Dr Abdulkarim is a medical doctor and an epidemiologist. Currently his work and his PhD at King's College focuses on health system strengthening in conflict settings. He is a co-investigator in a large NIHR funded project: Research for Health System Strengthening in northern Syria. He is also an associate fellow with the Global Health Programme at Chatham House. He is involved in several other projects and research with other academic and policy institutes including LSHTM, AUB, Chatham House and others. His research focuses on the public health impacts of conflict, protection of healthcare in conflict, health systems strengthening, and building health research capacity in conflict settings.

In 2013, Karim was training to be a neurosurgeon when his residency was interrupted by the war. He joined Save the Children in North West Syria, where he led the health response until 2017. Also, he was part of supporting the rebuilding of the health system in opposition controlled areas in Syria using a bottom up approach.

Dr Abdulkarim is a trustee member of two NGOs, Shafak and Refugee Trauma Initiative; a steering committee member of the Syria Public Health Network, and a general secretary of the Syrian British Medical Society.


  • Conflict and health;
  • Health Systems Strengthening in conflict settings
  • Violence against healthcare in conflict settings
  • Health governance
  • Research capacity strengthening


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