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Professor Ann Mumford
Professor Ann Mumford.

Professor Ann Mumford

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Professor of Taxation Law, Vice Dean Students, Culture & Community

Vice Dean for Students, Culture & Community.

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Professor Ann Mumford specialises in tax law, fiscal institutions and equality. The scope of her published work has ranged from feminist perspectives on taxation law; to, as a contributor to the “new” fiscal sociology movement, the integration of tax legal scholarship into the realm of economic sociology. 

Research interests

As a researcher, Professor Mumford's work has focused on international, comparative, and socio-legal, feminist legal perspectives, particularly those that arise through taxation law. She has been an invited speaker at numerous international conferences and symposia, and has supervised students successfully at PhD level.

Professor Mumford is the author of three monographs: Taxing Culture: Towards A Theory of Tax Collection Law (2002, Aldershot: Ashgate: Socio-Legal Studies Series; General Editor: Philip A. Thomas); Tax Policy, Women and the Law: UK and Comparative Perspectives, Cambridge University Press (2010, Cambridge Tax Law Series – General Editor, John Tiley); and Fiscal Sociology at the Centenary (2019, Palgrave Socio-Legal Series; General Editor: Dave Cowan).  

For more information on Professor Mumford's research, visit our research portal.


Professor Mumford leads the undergraduate module in the Law of Personal Taxation (LLB) and co-leads the undergraduate module, US Constitutional Law (LLB). She also teaches research seminars in the Law of Tort (LLB).

Enquiries from students interested in pursuing a PhD in tax law, broadly; legal perspectives on feminist economics; tax, spending and law; or fiscal sociology are welcomed.