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Andreou_headshot_Anna Andreou

Dr Anna Andreou PhD

Senior Lecturer

  • Medical Research Foundation Fellow

Research interests

  • Biomedical and life sciences

Contact details


I lead the Headache Research Laboratory which is focused on the neurobiology of primary and secondary headaches, and the development of novel therapies. Headaches, like migraine and cluster headache, are amongst the most disabling and painful conditions known to man. Our research spans two main themes:

• Mechanistic research into disease biology and processes at the cellular and functional level, with an emphasis on ion channels, sensory brain pathways and biomarkers.

• Translational research into the development of novel therapeutics and mechanism of action of treatments, with an emphasis on neuropeptides (e.g. CGRP, PACAP), recombinant botulinum toxins and neuromodulation techniques.

I also lead the Headache Centre- GSTT research portfolio. I am a fellow of the Medical Research Foundation and an active member of the International Headache Society and British Pain Society.

Please see my Research Staff Profile for more detail.

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Key collaborators:

  • Prof Bazbek Davletov, University of Sheffield
  • Prof Anton Maximov, Scripps Research Institute
  • Prof Peter McNaughton, King's College London
  • Dr Giorgio Lambru, Headache Centre- Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust