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Anouk De Regt

Ms Anouk De Regt

PhD Student in Marketing

Research interests

  • Marketing


Supervisor: Professor Stuart Barnes, Professor Kirk Plangger

Research Group: Marketing 

Project Title: Investigating consumer brand engagement in a virtual reality context.

Year of study: 2017, full-time  

Anouk is a marketing PhD candidate at King’s Business School. She has a multi-disciplinary background in marketing and psychology and before pursuing a PhD, Anouk worked in the media industry as a data analyst/researcher for the Dutch division of the World Federation of Advertisers for two years.

Broadly Anouk's research interest can be defined as trying to narrow the gap and increase the interaction between people and technology. Her current PhD project centres around the various business and marketing implementations of enhancing the consumer experience/ engagement through alternate reality technologies (virtual reality specifically).

Research Profile