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Ashley Roye

Ashley Roye

PhD student

Research interests

  • Host-Microbiome Interactions

Contact details


Ashley Roye completed a BSc in Chemistry at the College of New Jersey, USA, where she worked on lab-on-a-chip analytical tools for measuring biologically important redox species in real time. She then worked for just over two years as an analytical chemist in a pharmaceutical laboratory.

Currently, she is undertaking a PhD through the London Interdisciplinary Doctoral Programme (LIDo) under Professor Guy Carpenter. Her project focuses on understanding the binding mechanism of salivary proteins in the formation of the oral mucosal pellicle, in order to create a synthetic model of the mucosa. This model will be used to understand how various chemical species such as metal ions or drug compounds interact in the oral cavity, and then further to sustain the delivery of common oral health product additives, such as fluoride and chlorhexidine, for better oral health outcomes.