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Centre for Host-Microbiome Interactions

Our research explores how the interactions between microorganisms, host cells and environmental factors affect health, disease and wellbeing.

Millions of microorganisms live in and on our bodies forming microbiomes on different surfaces. Researchers in the Centre for Host Microbiome Interactions (CHMI) study our relationship with these microbes in health and in oral and systemic diseases such as periodontitis, candidiasis, oral cancer and other inflammatory, metabolic and neurological conditions. Our main focus is on how internal (colonising microbes and our genes) and external (behaviours, community, environment) factors influence health, disease and wellbeing.

The CHMI comprises discovery scientists and clinical and non-clinical academics of various disciplines in a creative environment that actively supports the development of researchers and of doctoral, masters and undergraduate students. Our expertise encompasses microbiology, immunology, cellular and structural biology, data science, bioinformatics, sociology, psychology, dental public health, epidemiology, periodontology, and oral medicine. We integrate research, education, clinical care, community action and public policy, working with a range of external partners including hospital trusts (‘King’s Health Partners’) and the World Health Organisation.

Our research has a far-reaching impact, identifying potential new ways to maintain health and wellbeing, and reduce susceptibility to infection and antimicrobial resistance. In addition, we manage a range of chronic diseases and implement preventative measures that keep us and our microbiomes healthy throughout life. Our efforts contribute to guiding self-care, community initiatives, health systems and policy development.  Together we challenge the way we think about health, and healthcare, to make a better future for all.

Find out more about the Human Microbiome Atlases at the Centre for Host Microbiome Interactions.


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Head of Centre: Professor Luigi Nibali

"There aren’t any other dental faculties, or many other places, which have a combination of microbiologists and data scientists who can actually investigate the microbiome like we do."



Principal Investigators of the Centre for Host-Microbiome Interactions



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