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Research groups and labs


The Faculty of Dentistry, Oral & Craniofacial Sciences promotes cutting edge collaborative research within an interdisciplinary context.

We have research groups and labs which have secured positions at the forefront of international scientific research and which make major contributions to teaching, training and research by inspiring and nurturing the next generation of scientific leaders. 


Basson Lab

Research that is primarily focused on chromatin remodelling factors implicated in neurodevelopmental disorders.

Bergholt Lab

A multidisciplinary research team working on label-free bioimaging.

Chiappini Lab

Nanotechnology, bioengineering and cell biology to develop functional materials that direct cell behaviour, for applications in regenerative and precision medicine.

Di Silvio Lab

Understanding the biology of cell-material interfaces and develop novel therapies for musculoskeletal regeneration and repair using tissue engineering strategies

Psychology in Dentistry

Psychology in Dentistry: We are a collaborative team involved in research and service provision applying psychology to the dental setting.

Tucker Lab

The Tucker lab is interested in development and repair of the head with focus on tissues associated with the jaw and ear.

Deb Lab

Biomaterials for regenerative medicine & dentistry.





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