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We’re an international community serving the world through our education, research and healthcare. Proud to work with our international partners and alumni, we throw the spotlight on global oral health challenges and seek innovative solutions.

We partner with over 35 organisations around the world to undertake oral and craniofacial scientific research, enable staff and student exchanges, and enhance the training of the next generations of health professionals and scientists. And we collaborate on global initiatives to explore challenges faced across continents to improve health and health outcomes.

Teachers, researchers, leaders and students able to view the world through the lens of others are radically important to address challenges in science, education and healthcare. Our internationalised curricula and participation in global leadership schemes provide our community with opportunities to think and act broadly. 

The features below showcase examples of our international activity from key research collaborations, educational partnerships, and how we are fighting tooth decay worldwide, to our support for Sierra Leone to build their workforce capacity and stories from our students about their overseas electives.

Tooth disease is a huge hidden health burden globally. We work with international dental leaders to influence the workforce and improve oral health.

Professor Jenny Gallagher, Dean for International Affairs

Our international team:


DentAlliance - A multi-university alliance for global oral health.

Four prestigious dental schools joined forces to advance and transform research, education, and practice in dentistry and the oral and craniofacial health sciences.

DentAlliance is a partnership between the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill Adams School of Dentistry; King’s College London’s Faculty of Dentistry, Oral and & Craniofacial Sciences; National University of Singapore Faculty of Dentistry; and the University of Melbourne, Melbourne Dental School.


Our faculty international news


Educational collaborations

With visiting professorships, student exchanges and dental education consultancy, we reach out to university partners from China, Singapore and Japan to Brazil, Oman and USA. Find out more about some of these initiatives below.

International education collaborations dentistry

Research collaborations

Long-term partnerships with other world-leading institutions enrich our work. Students and post-doctoral researchers benefit from exchanges and visiting speakers, and key collaborations with Peking University, National University of Singapore and University of North Carolina help us to expand and enhance impact. Find out more about some of our collaborations below.

International Research Dentistry

Student experience

Students come from over 50 countries to study here, bringing new insights and perspectives to each other. Opportunities to take an overseas elective, join a student exchange programme such as the Global Leadership programme, and volunteer on international projects enable students to explore different cultures and approaches to dentistry and scientific research. Read some student stories below.

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Incoming electives

Dentistry undergraduate students from around the world are welcomed on our two week observational elective programme. Created for students in their penultimate or final year, our visitors experience a rich curriculum across disciplines including restorative, implants, special care, maxillofacial, cancer rehabilitation, oral medicine and orthodontics.

International incoming electives

Explore our connections

NHS partners

NHS partners

Find out how the faculty works with its clinical NHS partners



Find out how we work with industry and other partners to improve oral health



How our past dental students and staff connect with each other, and current students and staff



DentAlliance a global strategic partnership formed on 23 October 2020.