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Dr Kim began her career working for UNICEF in South Korea before obtaining a PhD at the University of Cambridge. Since then, she has taught and researched at several UK universities including King’s College London, Brunel University London, Birkbeck College London and the Open University.

Research interests

Her core research interests are in how poverty and inequality influence children’s life chances and their educational and other social outcomes. Her research topics, so far, have included children’s perceptions of inequality and their sense of their agency concerning their occupational ‘choices’, the methodological issues concerning children’s participation in research (especially those relating to children acting as primary researchers), and the relationship between child labour and national and international education policy.

Dr Kim's current research project, which explores the perceptions of inequality of English secondary school children from different socioeconomic backgrounds and their sense of agency, has been awarded funding from the British Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grants scheme.

Selected publications

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