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Chris is currently Professor of Educational Philosophy and Policy at King's College, London. Philip Petit was his PhD supervisor.

He has taught in further education, higher education and in primary schools.


Chris' current interests are in:

  • professional know-how and judgement
  • teacher education
  • philosophy of education and comparative European vocational and professional education
  • youth transitions from school to work and VET in England

He is a member of the  Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR)


Chris teaches on the following modules:

  • Teacher Development International
  • Comparative Education

PhD supervision

He is happy to supervise the following topics:

  • teacher education
  • philosophy of education
  • vocational education

Knowledge transfer

With his colleague, Jeff Bridgford, Chris is currently consulting on an Erasmus-funded project on the harmonisation of European furniture-making and upholstering qualifications (Bolster-Up) (£6.6k). They are responsible for the international synthesis report. This project covers eight countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, England, Germany, Romania, the Netherlands and Poland. 

Chris worked as an associate researcher for an Australian Research Council Project on Expertise and Embodied Virtue, from 2010 -2012. This involved giving one presentation at the University of Wollongong in 2010 and one at the University of Hertfordshire in 2011.

King’s Policy Institute have awarded £4k to Chris and Linda Clarke from Westminster University (with matched funding from Westminster) to host three seminars for policymakers on implementing EU Qualification innovations and their implication for qualification design in the UK. The seminars arise from the 2005-2008 Nuffield Project on the European Qualifications Framework {EQF) which Chris co-directed with Linda Clarke and the 2008-2010 Erasmus project on European Bricklayer Qualifications, on which he was responsible for the international synthesis report, together with the current Erasmus project on furniture-making qualifications in Europe. For this, Jeff Bridgford and Chris are responsible for the international synthesis report. The first of these seminars was held at King’s on 21 November 2013.

Since 2007 Chris has been involved in collaboration with a number of India NGOs and universities, mainly on issues concerned with quality in education and the nature of private educational provision, particularly in the ‘low cost’ sector in India. He has worked with the Digantar Foundation in Rajasthan and with the ICICI Bank’s educational development arm on teacher education and professional development. In addition, Chris has lectured or given seminars at the Jawarharlal Nehru University in Delhi, TISS Mumbai, the University of Kerala, TISS Hyderabad and the Azim Premji University, Bangalore.

Chris has collaborated extensively with Professor Padma Sarangapani, formerly of TISS Mumbai and then Hyderabad, now at the Institute for Social and Economic Change (ISEC), Bangalore. They have worked together in setting up Philosophy of Education activities in India in collaboration with Rohit Dankhar of the Digantar Foundation and the Azim Premji University, resulting in a highly successful Philosophy of Education workshop in Udaipur, Rajasthan in 2010 and in a conference in Bangalore at the Azim Premji University in 2013. He has also worked with Professor Sarangapani on a research project on private schooling in India funded by the Ministry of Human Resources, which has involved extensive fieldwork in various Indian cities.

Further information

For further details please see Chris'  Research Staff Profile.