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Christopher Ince

Dr Christopher Ince



Christopher has worked in education for fifteen years, following degrees in Physics and Astrophysics. A secondary school teacher for eleven years, he was Head of Physics and directed teaching and learning. He completed his doctorate in Education at the University of Sheffield - focusing on education policy, curriculum design and reform, and what impacts young people choosing to pursue Physics (particularly amongst underrepresented groups). Within HE, he lectured in Science and Physics Education, and led the Secondary PGCE Teacher Education programme for four years. He has also supervised a range of BA, MSc, MA PhD and EdD students within his research areas.

Christopher has joined King’s Academy to work on the Learning and Teaching Programme and has a focus on developing pedagogy and andragogy amongst the King’s community. He supports HEA Fellowship applications and works as Faculty Liaison to the School of Social Science & Public Policy.

Christopher’s research interests are:

  • Education Policy and Policy reform
  • Curriculum debates, power and ideology
  • Science education, outreach, and communication
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in STEM and STEM Education
  • Public understanding of STEM and scientific developments (currently focused on Hydrogen technologies, nuclear power, and climate change)
  • Children from Military Families: their educational experiences and life-course
  • Educational assessment: design and implementation
  • The teaching of Physics in secondary schools: contemporary debates and research
  • Student engagement in feedback