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Darya Khandoga

PhD Candidate

Research interests

  • Conflict
  • Security
  • International relations


Darya Khandoga is a PhD candidate in the Department of War Studies. Her research interests include the imperial tradition of strategic and military thought in Russia, with a focus on psychological warfare and its formative impact on contemporary Russian intelligence culture and strategy.

Darya holds a MSc in Global Affairs (2020) from King’s College London and a BA in Political Science (2018) from Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich, and spent one year studying Security Studies at SciencesPo Paris (2017). Darya comes to the War Studies Department after 2 years of professional experience in the field of cyber security consulting and threat intelligence, and is fluent in German, Russian, French and English. She is also a member of RUSI.

Research Interests

  • Russian strategic thinking
  • Psychological & political warfare
  • Clausewitzian thought
  • History of covert intelligence operations

Thesis Title

Psychological Warfare in Russian Imperial Strategic Thought - A Study of Russian Intelligence Culture in its Formative Period 1881-1917


  • Dr Natasha Kuhrt
  • Dr Ofer Fridman