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Dionysios graduated from Cornell University, and obtained his PhD at Harvard University under the supervision of Andrew Strominger. After that he held research positions at Stanford University, the Institute for Advanced Study, and was the Delta ITP fellow at the University of Amsterdam. In 2018 he was awarded a University Research Fellowship from the Royal Society and moved to King’s College.

Research interests

Dionysios’ research lies at the interface of black hole physics, cosmology and the gauge/gravity duality. An important goal of his research is to extend modern ideas such as the AdS/CFT correspondence to a more general class of spacetimes. These include exponentially expanding spacetimes that may approximately describe our own Universe.

The models and mathematical tools he applies in his research include:

  • Infinite Lie algebras and higher spin gauge theories
  • Large N matrix and vector models
  • Conformal field theory
  • Gravitational theories and black hole solutions 
  • Disordered and glassy systems

Further information