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Adam  Walters

Dr Adam Walters

Post Doctoral Research Associate

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Adam obtained his BSc degree in Microbiology from University of Nottingham (2008). Identifying his interest in the treatment and prevention of disease he then when on to obtain a PhD in Vaccinology from University of Surrey under the supervision of Dr Simon Graham and Prof. Graham Stewart. The focus of this project was on development of particulate based systems as novel immune adjuvants as well delivery vehicles for vaccines. This involved the development of targeted nanoparticles as well as rationally designed biomimetic nanoparticles. He then worked at Imperial College London, Department of Mucosal Immunology under Dr John Tregoning in partnership with an industrial collaborator. The project was looking at novel DNA vaccine formulations for induction of humoral and cellular immune responses in numerous models. Following this Adam had a 5 year stint as a Research Fellow at the Jenner Institute, University of Oxford investigating controlled delivery of antigen for induction of spatially and temporally restricted immune responses primarily for malaria working with Dr Anita Milicic and Prof. Adrian Hill. Joining Professor Khuloud Al-Jamal’s team at KCL, Adam has moved from infectious disease to the assessment of complex carbon based nanostructures for use in novel prophylactic and therapeutic cancer vaccines. Specifically looking at targeted delivery and adjuvanticity of constructs. Throughout his career the consistent theme of Adam’s research has been the development of novel vaccine formulation with special focus on the interaction of biomaterials with the immune system