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Anna Battaglia

Dr Anna Battaglia

Reader in Bioscience Education


Dr Anna Battaglia is a neurobiologist with international research experience. She has worked in Nobel Prize winner Rita Levi‐Montalcini’s lab in Rome for post‐lauream training; then in Paris, both at the Institut des Neurosciences (Université Pierre et Marie Curie) and at the Collège de France (1995); she was appointed a Researcher in the Neurobiology Lab at the Stazione Zoologica ‘A. Dohrn’ in Naples (1997-2000); during that time she has also been a visiting research fellow at Stanford University, where she worked on glutamatergic receptors. She came to London in 2001, where she started as a Wellcome Trust Research Fellow at King’s College London, working on research projects on the spinal cord modulation of nociceptive stimuli and on chronic pain conditions; her research led to important discoveries in the field (see below). Now a Reader in Bioscience Education at KCL, she has been involved since many years in educational projects and leads Pain and Nervous System Disorders and Behavioural Science, both 3rd year UG Neuroscience modules, which are very successful with the students. She leads on Pain and Neuroscience education for medical students and is a member of the Inter Professional Pain Education platform at KCL. Passionate about students’ education, she embarked on a Master in Academic Practice educational pathway. The Dissertation was a pedagogical piece of mixed method research on critical thinking seen from the students’ perspective. She has recently published a book for Wiley-Blackwell with the title: “An Introduction to Pain and its Relation to Nervous System Disorders”.