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Dr Gerard Lum

Senior Lecturer in Philosophy and Education Management

Research interests

  • Education
  • Management
  • Philosophy



Dr Lum's research interests are primarily in the philosophy and theory of education. He has a particular interest in epistemological issues relating to education and has been concerned with questions about occupational knowledge, curriculum design, approaches to professional education, and the nature of educational assessment.

Current projects include philosophical work on professional ethics, choice and responsibility. Dr Lum is a member of the Centre for Public Policy Research.


Dr Lum contributes to the School’s MPhil/PhD Training Programme and the London Interdisciplinary Social Science Doctoral Training Partnership (LISS-DTP). 

He also contributes to a range of courses across the School’s MA Education programmes and runs the following modules for the Education Management MA programme:

  • Recent Developments in Education Management
  • School Effectiveness and School Improvement
  • Business Management in Education

For the BA in English Language & Linguistics course he runs:

  • Introduction to Philosophy of Language

For further information please see Dr Lum's  Research Staff Profile.