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Giouliana Kadra-Scalzo

Dr Giouliana Kadra-Scalzo


Research interests

  • Psychiatry
  • Psychology


Dr Kadra-Scalzo is a Lecturer on the MSc in Organisational Psychiatry and Psychology. She is also a Coaching Psychologist. Dr Kadra-Scalzo completed a PhD in Psychological Medicine at King’s College London in 2017 and has extensive experience in examining interventions and outcomes in mental health service users using de-identified Electronic Health Records and other national datasets. She has received several awards and grants to support her work such as the Early Career Researcher Award by NIHR Maudsley BRC; a UKRI Violence and Abuse Mental Health Network, and Cassel Hospital Charitable Trust.


Dr Kadra-Scalzo particularly enjoys supporting research staff in their personal and professional development and consequently has contributed to a number of workshops such as “Supercharge your career by understanding who you are” and “Skills and Mindset to Thrive in Research”. She also project managed a KCL-wide Research Culture Task and Finish Group Project on Career Mapping and Progression for researchers. Dr Kadra-Scalzo is part of the Research Innovation Committee at the IoPPN and is a post-doc career educator.

Research Interests:

Her research interest include:

  • Finding and maintaining purpose, meaning and motivation at work
  • Fostering psychological wellbeing in organisations
  • Vocational interventions to support recovery in mental health service users


Dr Kadra-Scalzo leads the following modules of the MSc in Organisational Psychiatry and Psychology:

  • Managing Mental Capital and Wellbeing in the Workplace
  • MSc Dissertation

She is also an Admission Tutor for the MSc.

Dr Kadra- Scalzo also delivers lectures and is an examiner for the Big Data module which is part of the MSc in Mental Health Studies.

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