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Dr Janet Kelly

Dr Janet Kelly

  • Visiting

Visiting Senior Lecturer within the Conflict and Health Research Group

Senior Lecturer in Healthcare Law and Ethics at the University of Hull .

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Janet is a Senior Lecturer (Band 9) in Healthcare Law and Ethics at the University of Hull and is an Honorary Senior Lecturer.

Janet qualified as a nurse in 1988 and as a midwife in 1991. She joined the British Army in Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps first as a reservist in 1989 and then as a regular Nursing Officer in 1992. Her service has included Germany, Gibraltar, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo and more recently Sierra Leone at the end of the Ebola outbreak. She is now a reservist at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in Medical Operational Support Group. On leaving regular service, Janet undertook a Master’s of Arts in Human Resources Management and then a qualifying Law degree at the University of Teesside. Janet’s PhD is in Health Studies in 2012 and is titled, ‘Professional, Ethical, and Legal Issues in British Military Healthcare practice’.

Janet has many published national and international academic papers on healthcare and military ethics including a book titled, ‘Is Medical Ethics in Armed Conflict Identical to Medical Ethics in Peace?’ that was nominated for the Medical Book Award of the Year 2013 and more recently a book chapter in 2019 ‘on ‘Legal Issues in Midwifery Care: In Empowering Decision-Making in Midwifery, A Global Perspective’.

Janet has been awarded NATO medals, the Queens Silver and Gold Jubilee medals and the Volunteer Reserve Medal.


Research Interests

  • Military ethics
  • Regulatory professional issues
  • Neonatal ethics
  • Military perinatal mental health


Subject areas

  • Health care law and ethics
  • Professional and legal issues in midwifery and neonatology
  • Research ethics



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