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I joined the department of War Studies after completing a PhD in Government and an MA in International Relations in the Department of Government at the University of Essex. Before this, I worked in HM Treasury in areas including UK policy towards the International Financial Institutions and the development of the Private Finance Initiative. My first degree was in English Language and Literature (University of Oxford) and my first MA was in English and European Renaissance Drama (University of Warwick).

I am currently the programme director for the MA in International Relations. I am chair of the War Studies Undergraduate Assessment Sub-Board and deputy chair of the Faculty of Social Science Assessment Board. I am co-convenor of the department’s Russian and Eurasian Security Research Group. 

My current research focuses on Russian foreign policy, particularly towards the post-Soviet space, and on the post-Cold war relationship between the USA and Russia.


  • ‘Disputed democracy: The instrumentalisation of the concept of democracy in US- Russia relations during the George W. Bush and Putin presidencies’ (article under review)
  • ‘Whose neighbourhood? The emergence of regime contest in the post-Soviet space’ (article)
  • ‘The death of the reset: US-Russia relations after Ukraine’ (article)
  • The US and Russia after the Cold War: Diplomacy, Values, and Power in a Post-Soviet World (IB Tauris, 2017)



‘The uses of sovereignty in Russian foreign policy’, Europe-Asia Studies

Previous publications include:

‘Assessing the Reset: successes and failures in the Obama administration’s Russia policy, 2009-2012’ European Security 22:4 (2013), pp. 500-23.

‘The Republican Challenge to Obama's Russia Policy’, Survival 54:5 (2012), pp. 67-92.

"Matrioshka Hegemony? Multi-levelled Hegemonic Competition and Security in post-Soviet Central Asia", Review of International Studies (2009)

Security and Sovereignty in the Former Soviet Union (Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner, 2008).

Media and other items include:

‘What are Russia’s Real Motivations in Ukraine?’ The Guardian 27 April 2014

Interview on the Ukrainian crisis for The Chinese Weekly, 3 May 2014

Item on US-Russia relations after Ukraine for LSE’s American Politics and Policy Blog, October 2014


I am also contributing lectures or seminars to: 

  • ‘International Relations’, a first year BA International Relations module
  • ‘Gender in International Politics and Security’ an optional MA module

PhD Supervision

 I am not currently accepting new PhD students.

Current Students:

  • Oscar Jonsson: Warfare and Peace: the Russian Understanding Of War
  • David Parker: How Cold War Ideational Legacies Shape Contemporary U.S. Foreign Policy Towards Russia
  • David Svarin: The Meaning Of Geopolitical Space: The Importance Of Eurasia For Russia And Turkey
  • Tim Sweijs: The Use and Utility of Ultimatums
  • Jason Swenson:  The Obama Administration's 'Reset' with Russia and its Effects On US National Security Objectives