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Ellie Cousins profile image

Ellie Cousins

Wellbeing Advisor (King’s Foundations)


"I’m Ellie, one of the Faculty Wellbeing Advisor’s here at KCL. I predominantly work with the King’s Foundations faculty but also with other departments as needed.

I have always had an interest in wellbeing and what contributes to us living a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. For me, that includes getting outside to ride my bike, eating good food, travelling, and ideally regular contact with dogs (sadly I don’t have one of my own just yet!).

Previously, I have worked in both wellbeing and creative roles across various sectors such as charities, education, and marketing & communications. Alongside my role at King’s, I am also a photographer, which helps me keep a balance of supporting others effectively whilst also looking after myself.

A specialist area of mine is coaching, having trained as a Transformative Coach with Animas Centre for coaching in 2019. What I love about coaching is witnessing how powerful some of the most seemingly ‘simple’ questions can be. They are questions I come back to a lot to reflect and inform my own decision making. For example, ‘What does my ideal day look like?’, ‘What advice would I give a close friend of mine about this?’, ‘How will I feel about this challenge in 5 years’ time?’".

Book with Ellie online. To see which other advisor other may be able to advise you if Ellie is not available, check Who are the Faculty Wellbeing Advisors?