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Erik Persson Souza

Mr Erik Persson Souza

PhD Student in Public Services Management and Organisation

Research interests

  • Public Services Management & Organisation


Supervisor: Dr Ewan Ferlie

Year of Entry: 2018, full-time

Research Group: Public Services Management and Organisation (PSMO)

Project Title: Social (In)Justice in Public Organisations: A Critical Analysis in the Light of the Struggles for Redistribution and Recognition

My broad research interest is to contribute to a fruitful theoretical and practical alignment between Critical Management Studies (CMS) and public sector organisational studies – given the gap in the literature –, especially concerning how CMS might engage in with managerial practices, discourses and forms of administration within public organisations, making them fairer and truly democratic in terms of power and labour process. I believe that it is paramount to invest efforts from a critical perspective to imagine and develop alternative and more emancipatory organisational settings for a democratic public sector. In order to develop this research, I have been awarded a scholarship from Capes Foundation, an agency under the Ministry of Education of Brazil, to pursue my doctoral degree at King’s College London. I have worked as a manager and researcher at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) and I have taught courses on comparative public administration, local public management, and community development and local power (undergraduate level) in public universities in Brazil.


Persson, E. & Moretto Neto, L. (2018). Ideology and discourse in the public sphere: a critical discourse analysis of public debates at a Brazilian public university. Discourse & Communication 12(3).

Persson, E., Porto, R.S. & Lavor, A.K.C. (2016). O RDC como nova aposta da administração pública gerencial em licitações: o caso da Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina. Revista do Serviço Público 67(1).

Persson, E. et al. (2015). Burocracia: enfoques da produção científica nacional no campo da Administração. Revista Gestão Organizacional 8(1).