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Professor Esther Bell

Professor Esther Bell

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Professor in Bioscience Education

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  • Biomedical and life sciences

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I am the Programme Director of the Biomedical Science BSc, one of the largest degree programmes in the Faculty of Life Sciences and Medicine. I also run a second year module 'Essentials of Embryology' which is core for the Neuroscience BSc and deliver lectures and tutorials on a variety of other courses. My research interests are to investigate the molecular mechanisms of ectodermal specification in Xenopus laevis. The development of the nervous system is a complex process, before neural tissue is induced in the embryo, signals are required to inhibit the ectoderm from becoming epidermis so that it will become neural. My lab is interested in how this process occurs, and if there are differences between cell-autonomous and non cell-autonomous neural inducers with respect to their downstream targets.

Please see my Research Staff Profile for more detail

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  • Prof Anthony Graham, King's College London